The Impact of To Whom I May Concern

on stageDue to the well-intentioned actions of those around them, people with dementia often lose the confidence to speak out. Through participation in To Whom I May Concern programs, people with dementia are encouraged to speak, find new power and purpose in creating a performance or a video. When participants experience the incredible impact of their words on the audience, they find that they still have a voice.

As a result, participants with dementia have gone on to do multiple performances, spearhead new support groups, start an international advocacy organization for people with dementia, and hit the local and international speakers’ circuit.

In addition to finding their place in the world, participants with dementia have done an important job in educating live and online audiences. During performances, family members hear their loved one’s stories, often for the first time. Community members understand how to integrate people with dementia into their communities. Professionals transform their work by listening to and understanding the lived experience of dementia. Join the movement that is creating real change for people with dementia!

A Special Note to Caregivers

A diagnosis of progressive brain disease affects an individual’s entire social network, including caregivers and families. It is difficult to know what to expect, how to act with your loved one, how care for them, what they are feeling. To Whom I May Concern helps your loved one give voice to their thoughts and concerns. It also gives them an opportunity to speak to you about what they need and how they wish to be treated, in a forum that makes it safe and acceptable to have that conversation. With the help of a facilitator, they can find the words that help them and you communicate. Find a To Whom I May Concern group for your loved one. You will be proud, you will be moved, and you will learn.

This Is My Voice

This is My Voice
“This Is My Voice” is a one-hour documentary that gives a face and a voice to early onset dementia and provides an educational experience that changes hearts and minds.
Click here to download This Is My Voice.

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