How to Participate in To Whom I May Concern Online

teresa-for-slidePeople with dementia from around the world are welcome to participate in our online programs to create either a scripted play performed live on a webinar, or an unscripted video. While anyone in the early stage of dementia is welcome, our online programs are ideal for those who:

  • live in isolated communities
  • do not have transportation to their local support groups for people with dementia
  • are not comfortable leaving their homes
  • live where no support group programs are available.

Participants require a good Internet connection, a computer, webcam, and a headset. Online programs are usually held twice a year. 

This Is My Voice

This is My Voice
“This Is My Voice” is a one-hour documentary that gives a face and a voice to early onset dementia and provides an educational experience that changes hearts and minds.
Click here to download This Is My Voice.

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