What Audiences Say About To Whom I May Concern

“This is the first time I have heard people speak so freely and explain what it’s like [to live with dementia]. They have changed my attitude… Thank you!”

“Excellent production. Very real, emotional and informative. Thank you.”

“Thank you. The part about the Book Club brought back such sad (and angry) memories of my mother’s experience. She had always been so social and involved. Telling her friends changed their relationships. Thankfully, my wonderful friends accepted her as their friend despite the age difference.”

“I strongly recommend To Whom I May Concern to every community! So important to overcome the fear factor of diagnosis and the inability to discuss. We need the tools [to help us] discuss.”

“Powerful performance. Very insightful. I had chills on my skin the entire show. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.”

“I just want to thank you. This was a beautiful skit. I work with individuals that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it opened up my eyes on what I have not known before and how these people really feel. Thanks again.”

This Is My Voice

This is My Voice
“This Is My Voice” is a one-hour documentary that gives a face and a voice to early onset dementia and provides an educational experience that changes hearts and minds.
Click here to download This Is My Voice.

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