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This Is My Voice is a film that features a candid, online conversation among five people with dementia from across the USA and UK. Responding to the question, “What is it like to live with dementia?,” this group of strangers soon become friends as they find common ground through stories they share. You will be moved by their courage, their insight, and their humor.

This Is My Voice gives a face and a voice to early-onset dementia and provides an educational experience that changes hearts and minds. This Is My Voice goes beyond the signs and symptoms of disease and reminds us that people with dementia are alive and eager to stay active in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, as long as they are able.

Please share This Is My Voice with as many groups as possible — people with dementia, caregivers, professionals, and community groups purchasing a download of the video.



Program Guide for This Is My Voice

Lead a discussion about This Is My Voice with the Video Program Guide. You will learn about To Whom I May Concern and their commitment to find creative ways to support the voice of people with dementia, as well as guidelines and questions for leading a group discussion following the film. Download the This Is My Voice program guide

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