“A diagnosis of dementia can be very lonely.
To Whom I May Concern® gives
people with dementia a voice and
a sense of being part of something bigger,
a chance to belong during
a time when one feels adrift.”

To Whom I May Concern®

Gives a voice to people with dementia through interactive performance programs that foster conversation and understanding in the community.

At the heart of To Whom I May Concern is the format, designed to reflect back the words of participants into a script by facilitators. Hear Steve, who is living with dementia, talk about how the facilitators and participants work together to capture the conversation and why it’s important.

“I strongly recommend To Whom I May Concern to every community!
It’s so important to overcome the fear factor of diagnosis and the inability to discuss.
We need the tools [to help us] discuss.”

Become a Facilitator with To Whom I May Concern®

Acquire the skills and tools you need to support people with dementia in your local community to share their stories about their experience of life after diagnosis.


Script in hand, people with dementia perform before a live audience, offering them an opportunity to talk about their lived experience of dementia, and the audience an unequaled chance to learn.

TWIMC Online

Ideal for people in isolated situations, TWIMC Online offers connection with other people with dementia who share similar experiences, and the opportunity to create a video that educates people around the world.

This Is My Voice

This Is My Voice goes beyond the signs and symptoms of disease and reminds us that people with dementia are alive and eager to stay active in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, as long as they are able.

Watch a Full Live Performance of To Whom I May Concern

To Whom I May Concern® Performances Take Place Internationally!

World Map with TWIMC Performances