To Whom I May Concern® Facilitator Training

To Whom I May Concern® (TWIMC) is a 10-week storytelling and performance program for people in the early stages of dementia. People living with dementia are invited to join a Sharing Group, which meets weekly to share their stories of diagnosis, coping strategies, personal challenges, family and community life, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Facilitated by a certified TWIMC facilitator, the group’s stories become the foundation of a co-created script. Group members can choose to share their script publicly; most groups look forward at least one scripted reading by group members before a supportive and eager audience!

Participants in a TWIMC program benefit from new friendships, the sharing of coping strategies from others on the same journey, and from meaningful and purposeful engagement.

What Is a Sharing Group?
A Sharing Group is a gathering of people from your community who are aware of their recent diagnosis of a form of dementia and who are interested in sharing with others their experience of living with dementia.

You may form a new group by inviting people in the early stage of dementia from your senior’s center, faith community, or from referrals from local doctors, neurologists, or memory clinics.

A group may already exist as an Early Stage Support Group of people living with dementia, who want to move past doing activities to talking about their experiences.

A Sharing Group may elect to continue as an active support group even after their To Whom I May Concern® performance!

Facilitator Training enables you to:

  • Prepare to be a TWIMC facilitator with the skills to work with groups of people living with early stage dementia and with the knowledge and tools to create an engaging TWIMC script
  • Facilitate a unique program that empowers people living with dementia to educate their communities about dementia and make a difference
  • Connect with others who have a passion for listening to the person diagnosed
  • Learn through stimulating online classes that combine instruction, reading, group work, self-reflection, and hands-on practice
  • Receive Certification as TWIMC Facilitator upon completion of requirements

Benefits of Certification:

  • Ability to bring TWIMC to your local community with training and support from a community of experienced trainers
  • Authorization to use trademark To Whom I May Concern® on the script and promotional materials
  • Authorized use of the TWIMC template for your group’s script
  • Receive regular TWIMC program updates
  • Stay connected with the wider TWIMC facilitator community
  • Qualify to participate in the Train-the-Trainer Program and train new facilitators in your community

Requirements for Certification

  • Successful completion of TWIMC Facilitator Training Program
  • Facilitation of a TWIMC Sharing Group from group formation through to performance
  • Participation in annual gathering of facilitators to share experience of creating TWIMC
“People living with dementia tend to take on a new identity from the stories other people tell about them that are based in myth and stigma.
By telling their own stories, people living with dementia reclaim their identity.”
Laura Bowley, Canadian Partner, To Whom I May Concern
“No one gives people living with dementia the time to tell their stories. But when stories are told in a live performance, the audience has no choice but to listen.”

– Maureen Matthews, PhD, Founder of To Whom I May Concern®

Summer 2021
Facilitator Training (Virtual)

Join us for the TWIMC Facilitator Training, held virtually July 20-22, 2021.

What You Can Expect:

  • Three, 3-hour training session (July 20-22, 11:00 am – 2:00 p.m. each day)
  • Up to six coaching sessions via Zoom as required
  • Ongoing support via email.

Where: Zoom video conferencing

Registration Fees: $500 per person; $450 per person for two or more people registered from the same organization.

For More Information and to Register

To register, click here.

For more information, please email us.


Maureen Matthews, PhD, RN,
Founder, To Whom I May Concern®

Laura Bowley, To Whom I May Concern® Partner
Director, Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia (Canada).